Best Encryption Expert Will Be the Escort for Your Data Security

DoGoodSoft now recommends Best Encryption Expert – a perfect and easy-to-use application that combines file/folder encryption, folder protection, disk protection and other enhanced features. It had been acknowledged as the best choice for those who have the urgent need to protect data security.

Best Encryption Expert App Will Be the Escort for Your Data SecurityBest Encryption Expert encrypts files and folders in various ways. With advanced encryption algorithms and superfast encryption speed, the encrypted files and folders will be super strong in strength and be faultless. Folder protection includes folder password protection, folder disguise and folder hiding. The feature of disk protection gives an all-round guard for data security on computer. Moreover, enhancements make this program be the first choice for users. Data shredding, for example, can completely delete data, you will not find and restore it with any software.

Best Encryption Expert App Will Be the Escort for Your Data SecurityFree version of Best Encryption Expert can be used free of charge for 7 days. During the trial, some features like password restore and First Aid Center is not available. Besides, it can only decrypt an already encrypted file/folder when the trial expires.

In full version, users can use it forever with one payment and all the functions are available with no limitations any more. Most importantly, all owners of paid version will benefit from the permanent free updates and professional and customized service.


Best Encryption Expert is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and others.

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DoGoodSoft Magic Timed Shutdown is a Good Helper for Parents and Managers

DoGoodSoft Magic Timed Shutdown is a Good Helper for Parents and Managers

DoGoodSoft recommends its monitoring and control product, Magic Timed Shutdown, an advanced and powerful tool permitting you to schedule certain tasks for your computer. It is known for four major features—Timed Shutdown, PC Management, Timed Limit and Log Analysis, which make Magic Timed Shutdown be a very good helper for users, especially for parents and managers. Magic Timed Shutdown is launched  for more users’ convenience

About Magic Timed Shutdown

Magic Timed Shutdown is an excellent monitoring and control tool for concerned parents and managers to help respectively supervise their children and employees. By taking specific actions, PC managements, limiting use time and recording all computer startup, shutdown and running time, Magic Timed Shutdown covers parents and managers’ surveillance needs.

It can take 14 actions such as computer shutdown, reboot, log off and sleep mode under 11 restricted conditions. By PC managements, it can automatically block chat software, compression software, download software and other kinds of software. Besides, you can limit the use of computer or network at specified time according to your own. Clear and specific startup, shutdown and running time logging help you control the use of computer all-roundly.

DoGoodSoft Magic Timed Shutdown is a Good Helper for Parents and ManagersMagic Timed Shutdown is simple to use and easy to install. No complex installation or configuration is required.


Magic Timed Shutdown is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and Win 7.

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USB Encryptor Shields Data on Portable Devices

It is small and light instead of clumsy. Data stored on flash drives is impervious to mechanical shock, magnetic fields, scratches and dust, plus they plug and unplug from the computer easily. These properties make flash drives suitable for transporting data from place to place and keeping the data readily at hand.

USB flash drives began to really catch on with computer users, who have come to rely on such portable device in almost everywhere. They have become an invaluable tool for storing and transporting data.

In the meantime, flash drives may present a significant security challenge and face security threat. Their small size and ease of use allows unsupervised visitors to store and smuggle out confidential data with little chance of detection. Both enterprise and public computers are vulnerable to attackers connecting a flash drive to a free USB port and using malicious software. Besides, they are easily infected with virus or Trojans and can corrupt the entire computer system once plugged onto a computer.

The terrible threat mentioned above has been pressing users to do more to combat malware and take various security measures to prevent confidential data from being carried away.

Encrypting files provides considerable protection against this type of attack and has been proposed as a better way out.

A simple and intuitive encrypting program USB Encryptor, developed by DoGoodSoft is here introduced.

USB Encryptor Shields Data on Portable DevicesAs elite encrypting software, USB Encryptor can encrypt all or any specific data in a portable storage device (a USB flash drive, removable drive, memory card or a memory stick) in just seconds. Data encrypted by USB Encryptor is not bound to where it is encrypted. It can be used on any computer.

USB Encryptor does not need to be installed. Simply put the .exe file to a portable device to be protected and the device can be carried to anywhere under encryption status while no one can access to it.

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Can Anti-virus Software be Powerful

Whether you sit back and relax with your PC installed anti-virus software? Whether you believe and depend on it completely? If yes, you’re badly wrong.

Can Anti-virus Software be PowerfulOn May 18, 2007, the case of Norton manslaughter shocked the whole world. After Norton upgraded the virus database, it isolated and removed the system files netapi32.dll and Isasrv.dll of Windows XP, and the system would be paralyzed after reboot, which caused the system crashes. Dramatically, Kaspersky also accompanied Nordon at the same time. It mistakenly regarded Windows system file shdocvw.dll as a virus, leading to the desktop disabled after users booted computer–the full screen was blue. From the morning of May 19, 2007, lots of KaKa users asked Rising Company for help­­­­­­­­­­­­——their security software could not upgrade normally after using the anti-virus software produced by Kaspersky. And then, some users wrote in blog that QQ had been identified as Trojan when Kaspersky anti-virus software ran, and even pop upped the threat warning to users.

In fact, current Trojans become more and more rampant. Recently, World Economic Forum published Global Risks 2014 report. One information security testing via honeypot showed that 54% malicious programs cannot be tested by anti-virus. Another analog test called Sandbox was more terrible——over 40 anti-virus softwares disabled to find 71% of all new malwares. It is originally thought that as long as the computer equipped with anti-virus software, it will not be vulnerable to the attack. But unexpectedly, it has been invaded by more than half malwares unwittingly.

Hackers utilize virus to control customer system, in this way hackers can not only steal users’ important documents, but attack other users via computer. The consequences could be disastrous as this behavior developed like this. Therefore, if users want to avoid virus invasion, they need to protect the vital information from data source against info leakage. To do this, users should use the professional encryption software.

Can Anti-virus Software be PowerfulDoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional file encryption software with international advanced and mature encryption algorithm. It can encrypt file and folder, protect disk and so on. High security, simple use and excellent effect make Best Folder Encryptor be the preferred choice for people. Besides, the encrypted files can be prevented from copy, deletion and removal, which eradicate the possibility of confidential documents leakage from the root, and reduce the possibility of file attacked by hacker as well.

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Encryption Software Fight Against Malware

With the speedy development of technologies, as this trend going, data security becomes more and more significant. While enjoying a million merits and convenience technology brings, there is still one thing to consider, the networking and information security are growing to be a big concern.

Allow me ask you one question: When mentioned data security, what comes to your mind at first thought? Yes, hacker, malware, Trojan, virus, messy code your answers may vary to continue the list. Although security experts and computer expertise rack their brains to avoid such unpredictable attack, networking insecurity lurks, to be honest, on every level. Meanwhile, malwares soar at lightning speed. Better make good preparation and build a strong shield before malware spreading out of control.

Malware, software such as virus or Trojans designed to cause damage or disruption to a computer system, has long been a threat to modern technology and computer system. It disrupts the order of the network and makes the entire Internet environment into chaotic and out of order. This unavoidably brings a puzzle in regards to how to fight back the malware before they infiltrate the entire computer system.

Looking beneath the surface, it is not hard to find that the end object malware targeted at are basically–data. Therefore, it illuminates that a strong and invincible shield to data is the fundamental solution against malware assaults. Under such situation, encryption inevitably becomes our priority choice. While providing all-round protection for data, encryption is capable of guaranteeing your data safe and sound even in the worst situation such as data theft or breach.

Sure enough, encryption is nonetheless a viable and efficacious way to fight against malware invasions.

Encryption Software Fight Against Malware

With this a preferred encryption program Best Folder Encryptor is to be observed. Adopting advanced algorithms, this encryption program features strong confidentiality, fast encryption and decryption, and easy to operate. After encryption, no one can access to the data inside except with the valid password. Meanwhile, the program itself also supports password entry which provides double security protection to your data.

Encryption Software Fight Against Malware

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DoGoodSoft Released PC Monitor Expert for Monitoring Computer Activities

Recently DoGoodSoft released a trusted computer monitoring software, PC Monitor Expert, monitoring and controlling all activities and operations on the monitored computer. Known for powerful monitoring and stealth operation, it sets fifteen major functions in one.

PC Monitor Expert is an advanced and powerful tool for concerned parents and managers to help respectively supervise their children and employees. It is ideal for users looking to monitor or restrict the use of computer resources.

PC Monitor Expert

PC Monitor Expert can execute five kinds of functions.

Record keystrokes typed.

PC Monitor Expert can log all keystrokes including English, Chinese characters, figures and functional pressed. At the same time, it also can record MSN or QQ chats, IMs, E-mail sent, usernames and passwords logged on some websites or e-mail.

Computer screenshot

It can take screenshot of the entire computer screen or active window. And the monitor screenshot can be played automatically when you view them, which leaves all activities and operations on the monitored computer at your fingertips.

Monitor and control windows opened

It will make a detailed record about the precise time and the title of opened windows. And you make a setup to forbid anyone to open the window whose title contains some specified keywords. In addition, the monitoring software can also record the action you open a prohibited window and opening time.

Monitor and control programs rum

It can prohibit the programs or applications you specified (PC Monitor Expert have pre-configured over 30 game software). Once the user attempts to run the specified forbidden programs or applications, the monitoring software will automatically close the program and record the breach.

Enhanced function

It can send all monitored record to a specific E-mail. You can conduct network monitoring as you wish. At the same time, you can set a password for this monitoring software protecting this software from being modified or deleted. Furthermore, the software offers timed shutdown function, which makes you able to set up a fixed time to shut down your software.

Other advanced functions contain hide or lock file, folder or disk, record duration of computer idle time.

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DoGoodSoft Releases Best Folder Encryptor 16.75 with Higher Security

DoGoodSoft recently publishes the latest version of Best Folder Encryptor 16.75 with repairing some bugs and enhancing software user experience.

DoGoodSoft, one of the leading security software developers in China, offers better-in-class software for both individual and enterprise users at home and abroad. Recently, it released the latest version of its encryption software Best Folder Encryptor. In this new version, DoGoodSoft fixed certain bugs by which users will feel more security to protect their important files and folders in the computer. Besides, the company also improved user experience.

Best Folder Encryptor is a professional file and folder encryption software, which features superfast encryption along with highest security. Based on the advanced encryption algorithms, the encrypted files and folders cannot be decrypted without original password, and are prevented from copy, deletion and removal. The software encrypts your folder in five methods–flash encryption, hiding encryption, full encryption, diamond encryption and portable encryption. It encrypts file by the way of diamond and portable encryption.

In addition, Best Folder Encryptor supports disk protection, data shredding, folder disguise, System Garbage cleanup and other enhancements.

Depend on the high quality, user-friendly design and powerful function, DoGoodSoft has won wide approval and recognition from users.

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