Best Folder Encryptor

Best Folder Encryptor is a professional file and folder encryption software. This software features superfast with high security and confidentiality. With advanced encryption algorithms, encrypted files and folders cannot be decrypted without the original password, and are prevented from copy, deletion or removal. It supports many powerful features such as data shredding (file/folder shredding and deletion), completely hiding hard drive partition, disabling USB storage devices or setting them as read-only, etc. All these make Best Folder Encryptor undoubtedly a flawless encryption software and the best helper.

USB Encryptor

As an elite encrypting software, USB Encryptor can encrypt all or any specific data in a portable storage device (a USB flash drive, removable drive, memory card or a memory stick) in just seconds. Data encrypted by USB Encryptor is not bound to where it is encrypted and can be used on any computer. You can also choose to decrypt all files and folders, or only those you need, at the time of decryption. The encryption by USB Encryptor is highly secure and strong. You can rest assured using it to encrypt data stored on a USB device. USB Encryptor does not need to be installed, simply put it in the USB device you want to encrypt. It is user-friendly and easy to use.

Magic Timed Shutdown

Magic Timed Shutdown is a professional software application that powers off your computer automatically at specific times. It can meet all customer requirements, and especially, is a good helper for parents and computer administrators. It has four main features - timed auto shutdown, advanced computer control, computer use time limitation and startup/shutdown log analysis.

Best Encryption Expert

This software is designed to secure the safety of important files or folders. By using advanced algorithms, Best Encryption Expert boasts of highest possible security level and rapidity. Once encrypted, no one can decrypt the file or folder without the password, and the file or folder is prevented from deletion, copying or removal. It also supports temporary decryption; that is, after using an encrypted file or fold by entering the password, there is no need to re-encrypt it and it will be restored to the encrypted status automatically. Besides, it has other enhancements including folder disguise, folder hiding, shredding data, completely hiding hard disk partition, disabling the use of USB, read-only use of USB and external hard drives, etc. Best Encryption Expert is a best choice for protecting your vital files and folders.

PC Monitor Expert

PC Monitor Expert is a trustable computer monitoring product. It can capture all keystrokes, view records from chat/instant messaging, website accesses, screenshots, running of programs, etc. of the monitored computer. It can also prohibit the use of any programs, apps, chat software, downloading software or game software as you want. Once a trial to open a prohibited program is found, the program will be closed forcibly and this action will be recorded. Meanwhile, PC Monitor Expert can send monitoring records to your mailbox which makes it convenient for you to keep tabs on the target computer remotely. This program is installed in total stealth and can be launched by using a hotkey. PC Monitor Expert is ideal for both business and home users looking to monitor or restrict the use of computer resources.

Ace Secret Folder

This is an invisible folder encryption utility. After installation, it is hidden in the background and no one can perceive its existence. To use it, simply press the shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + H" to bring it up, and then you can encrypt or decrypt folders. You can also set your own shortcut key according to personal preference. Thanks to the advanced and mature algorithm, Ace Secret Folder can encrypt or decrypt a folder in just seconds with high confidentiality. After use, the encrypted folder can be restored to encrypted status automatically and needs no re-encryption. If you want to protect some private folders away from prying eyes, Ace Secret Folder is your first and best option.

Best Disk Lock

Best Disk Lock is a powerful utility with which you can completely hide disk partitions and CD-ROM drives on your PC, and disable USB storage devices or use them in read-only mode. A partition hidden by Best Disk Lock cannot be found in any environment by anyone except you, so the security and confidentiality of the data stored in your partition can be ensured. It can also be used to configure the security of your computer system and optimize the system. Besides, it allows you to run tools that come with the system conveniently without entering various commands.

Easy Folder Guard

Easy Folder Guard is an excellent security application with three main features - folder encryption, hiding and disguise. With mature and excellent data protection technologies, it provides best protection to your important and private folders in just seconds, regardless of their size or type. An encrypted folder can only be opened with a valid password and needs no re-encryption after use. When a folder is hidden, it becomes invisible to all users, accessible only with this software. The same goes to disguised folders. When a folder is disguised, the documents in the folder become invisible and cannot be found but with our software. Besides, Easy Folder Guard is simple to use - all you need is a right click, and a menu will pop up for you to choose one kind of protection.

CHK File Recovery

CHK File Recovery is an excellent recovery tool that specializes in recovering CHK files in a quick and easy way. It can accurately restore more than 100 common file types - mp3, mp4, jpg, bmp, gif, png, avi, rm, mov, mpg, wma, wmv, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, zip, rar, exe, dll, sql, mdb, psd and so forth. As for those that cannot be restored automatically, CHK File Recovery offers powerful manual judging, making the use of the tool very simple and convenient even for beginners. Simply select a drive, click Search and then it will scan the whole drive. The results will be shown by their original file type accordingly. Also, you can choose to search any specific folder as you need.

Ace Secret Disk

Ace Secret Disk creates an additional virtual disk on your computer with a password, which can make your private documents (images, videos, financial files, etc.) invisible and protected. It works as a regular hard disk, while completely prevents your files and folders from leakage.