Ace Secret Disk – Protect Data Security by Creating Secret Disk on Computer

When it comes to the issue of information security, most people should be afraid but cannot come up with any solution to get rid of it. Here a well-known utility called Ace Secret Disk may settle down the headache. It is designed to be a secure tool for users to protect their data or information from leakage.

Ace Secret Disk is a kind of safe and stable encryption software that allows users to create one or more additional virtual disks on computer, where all private files such as photos, videos, financial information and other documents can be stored. It is used just like a regular disk. In this way the possibility of data leakage should be completely eradicated.

Main features of Ace Secret Disk

High Safety

Ace Secret Disk – Protect Data Security by Creating Secret Disk on Computer  With new and advanced methods, Ace Secret Disk allows users to create one or more encrypted disks on computer along with a password. The disk cannot be opened by anyone else except you. Its encryption can be super strong.

Excellent Performance

Ace Secret Disk – Protect Data Security by Creating Secret Disk on Computer

The secret disk created on computer takes up no extra space, with data export and import as fast as lightning.


Ace Secret Disk – Protect Data Security by Creating Secret Disk on ComputerThe secret disk can be used just like a normal disk, which is easy for people to save private files.

Pricing and Availability:

Ace Secret Disk is compatible now with 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 7/8, Windows XP, Vista and others. And the price of this utility is $29.95.

To experience the advantages of the mentioned features of Ace Secret Disk, or more products of this developer, please go to visit its website: www.



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