Which File Encryption Software is Better?

To encrypt a file, people wrack their brains from hiding files to encrypting system files and DOS commands encryption, even professional encryption software. Which file encryption software is better? Best Encryption Expert is a proper choice.

1. Security
In terms of file encryption software, there is no doubt that security is the most important element. If a file encryption software’s security doesn’t have a high security level, it may be lead to the data leak unconsciously. For any user, it may bring about serious consequences.
Best Encryption Expert adopts advanced algorithms and reaches highest possible security level make your data impregnable. The encryption speed is so rapid that it can reach 25-50M/s.
2. Usability
As for file encryption software, whether the encryption and decryption process can automatically carry on is an important indicator judging the usability of encryption software. The early encryption software carries on encryption and decryption in the dedicated software windows. The later encryption software starts to integrate file encryption and decryption into Explorer’s right-click menu, which promotes the usability of software.
To using Best Encryption Expert to encrypt files, all you need to do is selecting the encrypting file and clicking right button, which make encryption and decryption operation easy.

Best Encryption Expert developed by Luoyang Xiabing Software Technologies Ltd, adopting advanced algorithms keeps you independent of information leak. However, the high security level doesn’t mean that its operation is complicate. Best Encryption Expert helps you get rid of the weak usability of encryption software. Best Encryption Expert will be your preferred choice to protecting individual privacy.

Which File Encryption Software is Better?

Abstract of Best Encryption Expert:
Best Encryption Expert is an excellent file/folder encryption software. It can encrypt file/folder and hard disk. Except highest possible security level and rapidity, Best Encryption Expert boasts of folder disguise, folder hide, shred data etc. functions, which make your data impregnable.


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