Fabulous CHK File Recovering Software – CHK File Recovery from DoGoodSoft

DoGoodSoft, one of the famous security software developers whose software is with high awareness, high quality and high loyalty, recommends an advanced file recovering tool CHK File Recovery to users.

Fabulous CHK File Recovering Software – CHK File Recovery from DoGoodSoftCHK File Recovery features recovering more than 100 common file types in a quick and easy way, the file type including mp3, mp4, jpg, bmp, gif, png, avi, mov, mpg, wma, wmv, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, zip, rar, exe, dll, sql, mdb, psd and so on.

By default, CHK File Recovery can determine the file type automatically. However, if some unknown file types that cannot be recognized automatically, there is a senior function named Judge File Type Manually, which can confirm the file extension through four methods and recover it afterwards.

Improved software interface meets user preferences in a better way—simple and clear. Besides, it is easy to use – just select a disk in the browse window and click Search, then the software starts to scan the whole disk automatically. After that the search results are shown in the list of software by type. In addition, CHK File Recovery supports searching and scanning a certain folder.

To experience the advantages of the mentioned features, try it from below link:


To learn more products of DoGoodSoft visit: http://www.dogoodsoft.com/



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