Recommendation of Folder Encryption Software

Recently I downloaded a folder encryption software, Best Folder Encryptor.

Recommendation of Folder Encryption Software

Generally speaking, Best Folder Encryptor is quite good. Compared with other folder encryption software usually adopting common fast encryption method, Best Folder Encryptor is different and provides 5 kinds of encryption methods. The first two methods are quite common fast encryption method, and the following three methods are true data encryption.

After using fast encryption method of Best Folder Encryptor to encrypt a folder, I tried to using the methods I knew to break down it, but failed, which makes me very interested in Best Folder Encryptor.

I also experiment the other three methods. Obviously data encryption cannot be broken down.

The usage of Best Folder Encryptor is very simple: after downloading and installing, right-click a file you wanting to encrypt and select encryption, then enter password and choose encryption type in the pop-up encryption window.

In a word, Best Folder Encryptor owns high encryption strength and simple usage.

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