Best Fold Encryptor Updated to Version 16.66

Best Fold Encryptor released Version 16.66. The new version strengthens the emergency function when encrypting folders, and prompts users how to lift disguise.

Best Fold Encryptor Updated to Version 16.66


Software Info:

Name: Best Fold Encryptor

The latest version: v.16.66

File size: 3.55MB

Category: folder security & encryption

Language: English

Software License: trial version

System Requirements: Win XP/VISTA/Win7

Released on: 2012/9/15


Update information:

  • Fix the bug that 64 bit system on-screen keyboard cannot start.
  • Fix the bug that the password cannot be displayed after the encrypted folder window displayed the password..
  • Fix the bug that there is no hint message after entering wrong password when decrypting a folder.
  • Strengthening the emergency function when encrypting folders
  • Prompting users how to lift disguise


Brief introduction of Best Fold Encryptor:


Best Fold Encryptor is a professional file and folder encryption software. With advanced encryption algorithms, encrypted files and folders cannot be decrypted without the original password, and are prevented from copy, deletion or removal. It supports many powerful functions such as data shredding(file/folder shredding and deletion), completely hiding hard drive partition, disabling the use of USB devices, read-only use of USB disks, etc.

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