How to Encrypt Folder in “Encryption Year”?

Recently, the president of United States Barack Obama called himself “a firm believer of strong encryption” when he visited Silicon Valley. Although some people criticized Obama for vague statement, the actual networking environment is really worrying, and the data security is more of concern, so data encryption appears to be more important. That is someone regards 2015 as an “Encryption Year”. When it comes to encryption year, we talk about how to better encrypt folders in the new year.

Want to encrypt folders on computer? First we think of is to choose a high quality of folder encryption software. As a professional folder encryption software, Best Folder Encryptor owns powerful features but with user-friendly design, any computer users can run it easily.

The characteristics of Best Folder Encryptor:

1. Perfect self-protection, it is copy-, remove- and delete-proof.

2. With advanced-encryption algorithms, the encryption on the files and folders is super strong.

3. Easy to use, anyone can grasp it in a short time.

4. Multiple features such as folder encryption, file encryption and disk protection. It works normally in all Windows systems.

5. As long as a file or folder is encrypted by Best Folder Encryptor, even it is transferred to other devices, the file or folder still remains encryption status.

How to encrypt folders:

1. Download Best Folder Encryptor from official website( and install it;

2. Run Best Folder Encryptor, click Encrypt Folder button, and then choose a folder to encrypt;

How to Encrypt Folder in “Encryption Year”?

3. Set your encryption password, select an encryption type as you wish, and then click “OK”;

Notes: There are 5 encryption types set in Best Folder Encryptor – Flash encryption, Hiding encryption, Full encryption, Diamond encryption and Portable encryption.

Flash- and Hiding encryption are well known as fast encryption and decryption, and take up no extra disk space, which is very fit for oversize folders encryption.

Full-, Diamond- and Portable encryption use the advanced encryption algorithms to encrypt folder, so the encryption on your folder can be super strong. It is good to encrypt those important folders.

Encrypt your folder, protect your data, and have a good time!

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