PC Monitor Expert
Record keystrokes, idle time and visited windows, take screenshots, block windows and programs you specified, and more advanced features.
Supports Win10/Win8.1/Win7/Vista/XP
V1.67 | 4.69MB
PC Monitor Expert Introduction

PC Monitor Expert is a security monitoring software which runs as invisible in Windows. It can be launched with either a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+U) or run command (runpcsc). PC Monitor Expert is able to record keystrokes, idle time of users’, visited windows, take screenshots, block windows and programs you specified, send the monitored information to your e-mail and more.

Run as Invisible in Windows

PC Monitor Expert runs hidden in background, is also invisible in the taskbar and Programs and Features. You can access the program in two ways which is hotkey (default Ctrl+Alt+U) and run command (default runpcsc). To uninstall, you can run the program, click on the Settings button and select Remove Software.

Record Keystrokes, Idle Time and Visited Windows

PC Monitor Expert can record the specific time and title of all keystrokes, including English characters, numbers and functional keys pressed, for your convenience to clearly view keystroke records. It is able to monitor the idle time of the users when using computer, and the windows the user visited.

Capture Screenshots

You can set to take a screenshot of the chat window, the active window or the full screen, and how often would you like to take a screenshot. The captured screenshots can be played automatically when you view them.

Block Specified Windows and Programs

Prohibit opening the window containing specified keywords, running the specified program (the program has preset 30+ gaming programs). In this way all windows containing the keywords and the specified programs can be filtered automatically and forcibly closed by PC Monitor Expert. The action of opening the prohibited windows and programs will also be recorded.

More Advanced Features

PC Monitor Expert can send the monitored records such as keystrokes, screenshots to your e-mail, and you are able to monitor the computer over Internet as you wish. The program can be protected with a password. The feature automatically shut down your computer at a specific time is supported.

What User Say
Santalazy from Gadsden

Some staff see movies and play video games in work time. While they pretended to work carefully. Thanks to PC Monitor Expert, I can monitor their performance even I am not here.

Fully Monitor and Control Over Your Computer in Hidden Mode.