How to make Private Information safe under the Network Environment via Encryption Software

Recently, AT&T data leakage has led to 2.8 million of American customers’ private information revealed, including username, complete or partial social security number. AT&T agreed to pay a 25 million civil penalty to deal with the survey by FCC about the issue of violating customer privacy. Even though the case was settled, what it brought about cannot be made up for.

With the advent of the era of “Big Data”, the issue data leakage becomes more serious. The business can find all of our information easily, which is extremely horrible. So how to protect our information from prying eyes under the network environment?

1. Develop Self-Discipline for Network

Network is a virtual world, and we should strengthen the awareness of privacy protection. Do not register on some websites randomly, because it is always the users himself lost their own information. Meanwhile, develop self-protection consciousness is also important. Install legal antivirus program and firewall to avoid the hackers stealing your private files and properties. When shopping online, you must check the security of the link. Developing the good habit of network use can prevent your information from prying eyes efficiently.

2. Use Computer Hardware Technology

The leakage of private information under the network environment, sometimes is caused by someone’s interception and the problem happened in the transition. Here we can use the computer hardware technology to deal with. We take Best Encryption Expert as an example, to learn how it to protect your data security?

It is very easy to do, even if you are a newbie, you can do it by yourself.

1. Go to the website( download Best Encryption Expert and install it on your computer;

2. Right click the file or folder you want to encrypt, and then choose Best Encryption in the pop-up window;

How to make Private Information safe under the Network Environment via Encryption Software

3. Set your password, and select an encryption type, then click “OK”.

3. Learn Privacy Protection Skill

Only by relying on the science and technology, we can ensure the security of our information, like Firewall Technology. You can set a wall between the public and special network as required, to prevent hackers from attacking.

In a word, we should regard the network information technology completely. On the one hand, it is convenient for people to work and study; on the other hand, the unsafe factors also exist, which threatens the security of personal information. The most intelligent thing is to use a professional encryption software to encrypt your private information.