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USB Encryptor User Guide

Q: What benefits are available if I purchase your USB Encryptor?

1. FREE lifetime update to latest version with one payment...

Q: After I purchase how long does it take to receive the activation code?

Once you complete the online order, you were supposed to receive an email with the order information and activation code from our payment processor Avangate...

Q: What's the difference between the trial and the full version?

Trial version is free for 30 times, and you can only decrypt but not encrypt files and folders once the trial period expired. And thus, some features such as First Aid Center...

Q: Can I use one activation code of your software on multiple USB drivers and external hard drives?

You will get one activation code if you purchase a set of USB Encryptor. The one code includes 10 activation times, that is, you can use it on 10 USB drives...

Q: How do I the activation code after receiving it?

Start USB Encryptor, click the Activate button, copy and paste your activation code to the program, and then click the Activate button...

Q: Can I use the activaion code again if I replace the USB drive or external hard drive?

Yes. A set of USB Encryptor includes 10 activation times.If you replace a USB drive or external hard drive, just activate it again...

Q: What's the difference between the full and the cracked version?

1. Stability and safety Our Full Version of USB Encryptor is strictly tested and security-focused, which can completely secure the safety of your data and enhance the stability of your system...

Q: How to contact your after-sales service if I have a problem?

Dear user, if you have any comments, criticisms, or even offers of help, please feel free to contact us with email. We will get back to you as soon as possible...

Q: How to get the activation code after I paid successfully? What if I don't receive it?

If you make an online payment such as online banking or PayPal, our system will automatically send you the activation code to your e-mail...

Q: Can I try USB Encryptor first and then purchase it?

Yes. The trial version of USB Encryptor is free for 30 times. After you try the software and feel satisfied, you can choose to purchase it...

Q: What is Disk ID? Where can I find it?

Disk ID is the hardware signature characterizing the partition where USB Encryptor is located. Each partition has its unique signature...

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