USB Encryptor is a professional Encryption Software for USB disks and removable hard disks. It features perfect mobility(the encrypted U disk or removable hard disk can be used on any computer), super fast encryption and decryption speed, high encryption strength. Besides, it is stable, safe and easy to use without installation.

Applicable Devices:

1 USB Disk;

2 Removable Hard Disk;

3 Hard Disk Partitions on computer;

4 Various Memory Cards used in computer;

5 Shared Folders.

The use of USB Encryptor:

USB Encryptor is a green software free of installation. You just need to unzip the ude.exe file in the package you download on a USB disk, removable hard disk or computer hard disk to be used.

Tutorials of USB Encryptor

Put ude.exe in a USB disk, removable hard disk or computer hard disk to be encrypted, and you can encrypt all files and folders in it.

Right-click the ude.exe to run USB Encryptor, and press Trial button in the pop-up Welcome window, and then enter the correct password(For Full version, Enter Password window will pop up automatically ). The default password of Trial version is 888888. The Full version users are authorized to modify the password. Please enter your new password if you have modified it.

Password Input Window of USB Encryptor

After entering the correct password, you can encrypt and decrypt the files or folders in the U disk, removable hard disk or computer hard disk. The picture below is the window of USB Encryptor.

The window of USB Encryptor

On top of this window is a row of Function buttons of USB Encryptor. By these buttons, you can Flash-, Diamond-Encrypt a file or folder on the current disk or disguise a folder. In addition, you can also decrypt an encrypted file or folder, or image browse the Flash-Encrypted Area.

Below the window there are two folder lists that are similar to My Computer. The left displays the files on the current disk, the right is the Flash-Encrypted files. When a file or folder on the left is Flash-encrypted, it will appear on the right, and you cannot find and use it through my computer or other general softwares.

The use of these two lists is the same with that of My computer. Double-click a file or folder can open it. Right-click the folder list, the shortcut menu will pop up. Here, you can slelect the file's display and sort style, besides, you can rename a file or folder, etc.

USB Encryptor

The use of Encryption function:

USB Encryptor can encrypt a file or folder in two ways: Flash Encryption and Diamond Encryption.

Flash Encryption Introduction: A fast encryption method: super fast to encrypt and decrypt a file or folder; does not take up the additional disk space; the file or folder will completely disappear after encryption, and you can find and use it only in the Flash-Encryption area.

Flash Encryption Usage: Select one or more, or all files/folders in the left to be encrypted, and click Flash Encryption button to encrypt. After that, the encrypted file or folder will disappear from my computer, but display in the Flash Encryption area.

Diamond Encryption Introduction: A high-strength encryption method: encrypts a file into the unrecognized ciphertext with the advanced and mature encryption algorithm; the highest encryption strength, without the correct password cannot decrypt. If you need to open an encrypted file, you must enter the correct password.

Diamond Encryption Usage: Select one or more, or all files/folders in the left to be encrypted, click Diamond Encryption button, and then enter the encryption password in the pop-up window and click OK. You can decrypt a Diamond-Encrypted file only with the correct password, please remember it firmly.

Use Skills:

1 How to encrypt all files and folders on a whole drive in one time?

Click Encrypt All button to encrypt.

2 How to decrypt all files and folders in the Flash Encrypted area in one time?

Click Decrypt All button to decrypt.

3 Can I directly open a folder in the Flash-Encrypted area?

Yes. Directly double-click a file in the Flash-Encrypted Area, and then you can browse or use it.

4 Can I encrypt a subfile or subfolder of a folder on a disk?

Yes. Double-click a folder on the left to open it, and then select a file or folder for Flash Encryption or Diamond Encryption.

5 Can I select a decryption location when decrypting a file or folder in the Flash-Encrypted area?

Yes. Please first open a folder in the list on the left, and then select a file or folder in the Flash-Encrypted Area to be decrypted, and click Decrypt button.

6 What is Image Browse?

Image Browse is to virtualize the Flash-Encrypted area as a disk partition, by which you can use the file or folder in the Flash-Encrypted area.

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